Work Package 2

Restructure non-structured 2D data

Technical and 2D oriented, this WP aims at developing a prototype that can restructure non-structured 2D data, namely: i) to read different vector file formats like PDF (Portable Document File), ii) to compare several versions of the same file in homogeneous formats or heterogeneous formats, iii) to provide a user interface to manage differences and similarities found thanks to the comparison iv) to restructure its content.

This WP will prove that all the research work carried out by 1A3i and ESTIA so far can be used in a real space environment, materialised by the FAMOLDE use case through the development of the project prototype.

WP2 involves four main working areas, required for the 2D analysis and end user interface interaction:

- (A) The file formats to compare,

- (B) Transformations during comparison,

- (C) Management of differences

- (D) Elements to be compared (basic or structured).

One of the main challenges will be the scaling of the identification of differences and similarities.