Work Packages

WP 1

Requirements and Diagnosis interfaces for decision Support System

This WP aims to define all the requirements and specifications needed for 2D/3D applications as a basis to align activities to be developed in other WPs.

WP 2

Restructure non-structured 2D data

As one of the project cores, WP2 is responsible to endow the prototype to be developed with restructure non-structured 2D data functionalities.

WP 3

3D model analysis processor development

WP3 aims to develop a 3D model analysis processor to be included on the RUD prototype solution.

WP 4

2D/3D Linkage Framework

WP4 will be based on the development of a linkage framework between the 2D and 3D tools and active subsystems at the company.

WP 5

Integration and prototype evaluation

As a result of the work performed on previous work packages, WP5 aims to provide the framework for evaluation of the technology in an industrial scenario.

WP 6

Project Management

The objective of this WP is to carry out successful and efficient management of all project activities, including communication between partners and stakeholders, monitoring activities as well as financial management.