Work Package 3

3D model analysis processor development

As the second core of the Project, WP3 aims to develop a 3D model analysis processor to be included on the RUD prototype solution. Dedicated to 3D file formats (native CAD file formats, standard 3D file formats like STEP, 3DPDF, STL and wrml), current 3DSEMANTIX tools extract and index raw geometric data, analyse and interpret the content and restructure and reveal knowledge and semantics. Within this WP, these tools will be advanced to be integrated in commercial applications to fulfill market needs. To that extent, the following specific objectives are defined:

- To develop a tool that can compare several 3D models regardless of file formats to identify duplicates or similar components and extract the differences between them.

- To develop a tool to process raw geometric data into semantic information and knowledge.

- To prototype these 3 functionalities: (i) extract and index 3D geometry and related textual information from engineering documents; (ii) search into documents: from combined text and 3D shapes data and (iv) classify and organize 3D shapes and 3D form features semi-automatically.