1A3i is a French SME located in Bidart, dedicated to activities related to restructuring unstructured documents, developing a datamining solution to restructure unstructured graphic documents, which allows the possibility to compare, classify, organize, index, search for graphic and textual information in these graphic documents.

As it is his main core activity, 1A3i functional strategy is to innovate and endow a new use of vector information included into unstructured graphical files, such as PDF, HPGL, PS, EMF, WMF, DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES, SVG. It is possible apply the same method to files that contain drawings, schematics,layouts. After restructuration, 1A3i can IMPORT it into CAD software. It is also possible to COMPARE two heterogenous unstructured files, to INDEX the content of files; SEARCH texts or drawings; to ORDER and CLASSIFY a set of documents, to ARCHIVE and COMPRESS information while keeping the possibility of searching text and drawings.

Due to its characteristics, 1A3i software can be used in any sector that use files containing text and drawings, such as aeronautics, automotive, rail, naval, space, chemistry, nuclear, mechanics, building, roads, production, manufacturing, maintenance, documentation, etc.