Manufacturing companies cumulate a huge amount of data over the years. 3DSemantix assist them to leverage this Big Data and provide them with innovative solutions combining its patented shape-based search technology with artificial intelligence.

For instance, the solution “3DPartFinder Reuse” assist the design teams to prevent the creation of duplicate parts and locate the most similar 3D models found in the company by the shape-based search engine. Search results are displayed directly in the user’s CAD system for immediate analysis. The designer can access the material type of the part, its price, the inventory level and other metadata specified by the company.

Companies can reduce inventories with unprecedented efficiency using 3DPartFinder Analytics which links the ERP with the PLM to identify automatically all duplicated SKUs including nearby duplicates.

The solutions provided by 3DSemantix leverage existing sources of data and assist all stakeholders to painlessly locate part and data, from design to manufacturing, purchasing and MRO including those who don’t have a CAD system. 3DSemantix’s solutions empower Industry 4.0 and digital transformation strategies.