RUD 2D Workshop

RUD Project has reached a new stage and the tests of the first prototype of the 2D file comparison tool began, with colleagues from GLN and with the support of the 1A3i team. The morning was entirely dedicated to the presentation of the tool followed by some training sessions on how to use it. In the coming days, our innovative tool will be tested through an iterative procedure in order to identify improvements and refine its functionalities.

The first RUD 2D workshop concluded with very successful outcomes. The involvement of FAMOLDE‘s colleagues from different departments allowed the 1A3i team to identify potential issues and optimise the software. Additionally, new challenges were highlighted to endow the 2D tools with more end-user oriented functionalities covering different perspectives.

Early outcomes of this training workshop were promising, and thus we foresee a solid applicability, not just for FAMOLDE but also for its sister companies that are part of the GLN Group and for many other industrial segments where 2D drawings are the core of the business.